BP Mungo AUU

BP Mungo AUU

Project Details

  • Location:North Sea

Project Background

The BP Mungo forms part of the ETAP (Eastern Trough Area Project) infrastructure. It is a NUI that connects several wellheads to the main asset for processing. The emergency accommodation was deemed unsuitable for use and BP commissioned the AAU project to install improved welfare facilities.
HAKI Access Solutions were asked to design and install an underdeck platform solution to allow the accommodation unit to be commissioned.
Following on from this project HAKI Access have been asked to return to reconfigure the platform to allow BP to re-apply the fireproofing under the existing accommodation unit and there is potential for a third reconfiguration to assist in the installation of a remote The fire-fighting system under the helideck.

Client Initial Specified Work Scope

  • Design and install a suspended underdeck access platform to facilitate the commissioning phase of the AAU (Auxiliary Accommodation Unit).
  • Due to lack of suitable pick up points for traditional scaffold, a rigging solution was to be incorporated into the design.

Our Solution

HAKI Access Solutions designed a bespoke underdeck access solution for the client. The solution used the in house developed TechniSpan platform solution hung from beam clamps.

The system is easily capable of spanning between the distant pick-ups available and additionally eliminated the need to touch up contact points during strip out.


Safety & Commercial Benefits

  • Rapid Installation of Platform Access & subsequent relocation.
  • Significant reduction in working at height and outboard working by using TechniSpan access platforms for the commissioning of the AAU.
  • Reduced downtime as work-scope not reliant on outboard cover.
  • System was rapidly lowered on a 2 day visit when due to unforeseen circumstances the client required the platform at a different height for the inclusion of extra pipework.
  • Platform was able to be reconfigured for other work-scopes reducing logistical costs.