Suspended Access Systems - TechniSpan

With any industrial project, access costs form a substantial part of the budget and it’s crucial to ensure a fit for purpose access solution is central to your plans. Get the access right and the rest will often follow, with the other trades able to get on with their works with the access helping them to get the job done. Get it wrong and you will be starting off on the back foot.​

HAKI Access Solutions have been at the forefront of driving change and standards in the supply of suspended access systems designed to offer a quicker alternative to traditional suspended scaffolds. The aim is to spend less time building access thereby giving our customers more time repairing their assets and getting them back online faster.​

TechniSpan is our proprietary aluminium beam-based system designed to support exceptionally high loadings while maintaining the ability to span large distances between supports. ​

TechniSpan has been used successfully to provide access to offshore helidecks and underdecks, crane booms, jetties, wharves, industrial boilers, major road bridges, pipe bridges and conveyor belts. It lends itself perfectly to being erected once and then relocated multiple times without dismantling which is where our customers really start to see the savings on both labour costs and their works schedule. ​

Over the years it has proved itself to be incredibly flexible and has been erected offsite and transported in via barge, relocated along entire jetties with floats, build on the deck and winched into position and we have even managed to install it offshore without even setting foot on the rig!​

Contact us today to see if TechniSpan would be a good fit for your next industrial application or if another system from our range would suit your needs better.​ 

Customer demonstrations are available in Kinross and Coventry.