Emergency Rope Access Works in Edinburgh

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1. FCBC Monorail Alignment Platforms

The Queensferry Crossing was probably the largest Scottish civil engineering project of a generation. HAKI Access were involved throughout the construction of the bridge to assist the joint venture with a number of access requirements

The bridge was successfully opened to traffic on time, however there were still a quantity of non-essential snags that required to be rectified before the bridge could be considered complete. One such snag to address was the poor alignment of the underside monorails spanning the length of the bridge that allowed the MOOG permanent mobile gantries to travel along the underside. There were many gaps between the monorail beams in addition to lower flanges not aligning as designed.

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2. OLB Pipe Bridge

The OLB Pipe Bridge is located within the INEOS Grangemouth Refinery Complex on the Forth Estuary, Scotland. The pipe bridge required extensive painting and blasting operations to prevent further structural deterioration.
HAKI Access were asked to design, engineer and install a suitable access solution for the work-scope.

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3. Fawley Pipe Run

Following on from earlier successful temporary access installations and tank refurbishments in the refinery and the adjacent loading jetty, the operators were interested in other alternative access offerings that would help in the reduction of the scaffolding footprint on the ground and the resulting unwanted congestion and visual impact this creates.

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4. Fawley Tank Relining

Esso Fawley is a refinery located in Hampshire, UK. It is the largest in Europe and accounts for about a fifth of the UK’s refining capacity.

One of it’s 330 tanks was to be relined to allow storage of aviation fuels and a specialist coating was required along with an upgrade to the roof.

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