Emergency Rope Access Works in Edinburgh

Our rope access weekend out of hours service was contacted to help a long standing customer with a site breakdown at an industrial site in Edinburgh. 

The plant had suffered an unplanned shutdown over the weekend and they needed a rope access team to go into their boiler and remove potential dropped objects from their boiler to then allow their repair team to safely access the unit to complete the repairs.

As with any emergency shutdown, response time play a key part of the response with unplanned breakdowns resulting in lost revenue. HAKI Access mobilised to site early the following day with a day and nightshift working hard to make the plant safe. 7,000Kg of material was removed safely and working as a team we were able to help the customer get their plant back online quickly without compromising on safety. 

"Thank you for the rapid response - when we called you on Sunday we didn't expect to have a large squad there the following day!"