A new era in underdeck, bridge and jetty access platforms.

HAKI Access Solutions Ltd design, engineer and install suspended access platforms for a wide variety of uses.

The TechniSpan system is ideal for:

•   Underdeck access - fast and efficient access in the offshore environment.  TechniSpan is a purpose built modular underdeck access platform, with over 75% fewer contact points than traditional scaffold.

•   Bridge maintenance - TechniSpan is a flexible system that can be built to any shape and size, with time savings of 50% compared with conventional scaffolding. 

•   Jetty Construction and Repair - TechniSpan's adaptable systems are designed to accommodate piers, bearings, arches, trusses, soffits, suspension cables, hangers and other challenging obstacles.

HAKI's innovative lifting / lowering, suspension and traversing systems enables workers to safely & quickly cover entire working areas with minimal time and effort maximizing savings in overall projects costs.