Netting design, supply and installation.

Work Position Netting (WPN)

Used extensively offshore for accessing the underside of oil platforms, WPN has gained popularity within the onshore construction industry. 

Work Position Netting can be installed to:

  • Allow 'regular' tradesmen to access areas without the need for scaffolding, rope access or mobile elevated work platforms (MEWP)
  • Conduct inspections
  • Carry out fabric maintenance
  • Work Position Netting is extremely useful for accessing the underside of jetties or bridges.
  • Fall Arrest Netting (FASET)
  • Safety nets are essential fall protection equipment used in conjunction with other fall arrest systems to prevent falls from height.
  • Debris & Containment Netting
  • This netting can be engineered to provide suitable work segregation and containment of debris and dropped objects, allowing for more efficiency in the work areas and multiple work fronts.